You need kill whoever issued that 赴台簽證 official and 神棍 達賴喇嘛和隨行人員 駐印度代表處官員告訴中央社記者說,達賴喇嘛和隨行人員已經取得赴台簽證,30日將搭乘華航班機直飛台灣,預定下午抵達。 You need to kill all those so called 達賴喇嘛和隨行人員, because they are all e 保濕面膜vilest US politicians underground chained slavery terrors force slaves, cannot do any good to Taiwan, not mention to your entire China, they are liars wearing religion clothes worse than any Werewolf, those Taiwan lambs or coward must have no way to d 烤肉eal with anyone of them, therefore, you need to do your duty to kill them all. You dare kill any powerless people inside your Tibet, you must have no problem to kill those lairs slaves wearing 達賴喇嘛和隨行人員 title on any air space or at any grounded soil. Even US Preside 苗栗旅遊nt may be phony, not mention those sucking 神棍. You need to do your duty to kill all those 駐印度代表處官員 (Too suck to see religion group leader must stay at the first place to die for all followers instead of committed crime of lie, pointing finger to China Communist Rebel, you sucking religion cann 花蓮民宿ot be good enough to make the biggest Rebel China Communist to look you up heartily, you should hide inside your widowless room instead of committing shameless "5.Swall.Boot.用.7.G" crimes worse than any road side beggers to offend any Taiwanese Chiense who has the point of view like me. You dare see my words li 賣屋ke nothing, you must more deserve to be killed than any US evilest politicians gang.) dare lawless Godless issued 赴台簽證 to lairs underground chained slavery terrors force slaves linked 神棍達賴喇嘛和隨行人員. "達賴來台的行政與接待作業將由高雄市政府協助安排,不會影響災區救災重建,也呼籲朝野以平常心看待這場宗教活動,喇嘛訪台「完全無 節能燈具關政治」" I sensed that so called 達賴喇嘛 is a big lie, they are indeed USA evilest politicians official, because Taiwan has no official relation with USA, therefore, they wearing the name of 達賴喇嘛 to commit the crimes so called "Liang.Myan.Shore.Far", those evilest USA official go to TAiwan to talking for the debt that ChenSwayBen got out of ma 設計裝潢d, you need to demand USA official to talk any debt linked to Taiwan in HongKong only, you must not allow them to go to TAiwan to press to threaten to scare any Taiwanese, all Taiwan (Taiwanese listen to my advise, carry your most updated fire arms on the talking table, when you cannot win them orally, you kill them on that talking point, you need to know you have all yo 景觀設計ur right to kill anyone coming to your place evil minded you, offend you, "Boot.Why.How.1" not mention "Die.Jer.Deed.1". Do not fear have war with USA evilest politicians gang, you are under US Congress special eyes, you can have all your right to be the spoil brat "Dway.May.Gwall.Yu.取.Yu.Chose", you are like the State of Texas can have US military to guard your right without need to pay any tax, as 酒店經紀long as you don't committed independent broken crimes.)good fighters are gone, no way to deal with USA evilest crime of lie. You need to kill that so called 達賴喇嘛 team trying to enter Taiwan to eat coward slaved Taiwan bonelessly even it must take you to risk nuclear war, you must do it. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 租房子  .

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