She~ She     Elvis CostelloSheMay be the face I can't forgetA trace of pleasure or regretMay be my treasure or the price I have to payShe may be the song that summer sings 花蓮民宿May be the chill that autumn bringsMay be a hundred different thingsWithin the measur 吉安民宿e of a daySheMay be the beauty or the beastMay be the famine or the feastMay turn each day into a heaven or a 花蓮住宿 hellShe may be the mirror of my dreamsA smile reflected in a streamShe may not be what she may seemInside her shellShe who always 花蓮民宿 seems so happy in a crowdWhose eyes can be so private and so proudNo one's allowed to see them when they cryShe may be the love that cannot hope to la 酒店經紀stMay come to me from shadows of the pastThat I'll remember till the day I dieSheMay be the reason I surviveThe why and wherefore I'm aliveThe one I'll care for through the rough and 港式飲茶 ready yearsMe I'll take her laughter and her tearsAnd make them all my souvenirsFor where she goes I've got to beThe meaning of my life isShe, she, she 她     艾維斯柯斯提洛她也許是我忘不了的容顏 台北港式飲茶  是我歡愉或悔恨的痕跡也許是我的寶藏,或是我必須付出的代價她也許是夏天唱出的歌 也許是秋天帶來的蕭瑟 也許是千百種化身在一天之中她也許是美女、是野獸也許是飢荒、是盛宴使每一天成為天堂或地獄她也許是我夢的鏡子倒映在溪水中的笑?商務中心e她也許不像外表看來那樣在她的軀殼中她,似乎在人群中永遠快樂無比她的雙眼如此自我又如此驕傲沒有人能看見它們哭泣的樣子她也許是無望繼續的愛情也許成為我過往的陰影直到我死去那天,我都會記得她也許是我活下去的理由  是我依然活著的原因不論艱難或平安的歲月我都願照 宜蘭民宿顧的人我將保存她的笑容與淚水將它們做成紀念品不論她到哪裡去,我將跟隨她是我人生的意義她───── 晚上,聽到這首歌,勾起許多回憶與想念...... .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 墾丁民宿  .

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